Mounted Games  

Come along and give mounted games a go.  Everybody is welcome to take part at these rallies, however to be considered later for the senior games team there is an age restriction, 14 yrs and under.  For the junior games team riders must be 10 years and under.  Ages are from January 1st 2017.

Parents are encouraged to help at these rallies with the equipment to enable the children to have maximum riding time.  All help will be appreciated!

Important: Height / Weight Rule
A rider over 54kg (8stone 7lbs) may not ride a pony 128cm (12.2hh) or under.
A rider over 60kg (9stone 6lbs) may not ride a pony 133cm (13hh) or under.
A rider over 66kg (10stone 6lbs) may not ride a pony 138cm (13.2hh) or under.

Any queries, etc please don’t hesitate to contact Caroline Deegan (07793 271377)

Area Games 2016
(in running order)
Juniors   Seniors
Bending   Bending
Two Mug   Three Mug
Old Sock (Junior)   Old Sock
Bottle (Jnr)   Tennis Ball Shuffle
Beanbag & Table (Jnr)   Tyre
Tyre   Bottle
Four Flag   Bean Bag & Table
Spare - Two Flag   Five Flag
    Spare - Two Flag